Professional Resume Writers

While you are hiring a professional resume writer to rewrite your resume, it is essential to understand who the resume writer is, what he is capable of, what is his experience and what can he deliver.

So here is a short bio about me and my transformation from being a Sales Engineer selling Industrial products to a Resume Writer and an entrepreneur.

Background as an Industrial Sales Engineer.
My name is Senthil Kumar, a Mechanical Engineer by qualification, and someone who shied away from taking plush jobs in IT/ITES to pursue a job which probably would have been at the bottom of the career choice for any Engineer – Sales. Industrial Sales, to be more precise. 7 – 8 years of industrial sales experience has shaped me, my ideas and my persona, to the extent that I today deliver keynotes, conduct training sessions and confidently engage with C – Level Executives. By 2014, when the sales numbers hit rock bottom, the company I had served, headquartered in Spain, decided to downsize its operations in India, and I was asked to leave my position. I was jobless for a period of about 4 – 5 months, before taking the life-changing decision.

Background as a Writer.
The writing was a hobby, not that I was great in wielding words, but yes, I was able to write and write convincingly. It was in 2007; I found out that it is possible to monetize my hobby and approached a content development firm. After a few assignments, this company referred me to a famous job site, as a freelance resume writer. I had worked with this job site, between 2007 – 2011 as a CV writer primarily managing resume writing. I remember making a note in my journal, that I had crossed writing 1000 resumes for this company on 15th May 2010.

Transformation to a full stacked Resume Writer.
In 2014, with little options/jobs to move forward, I decided to take full time freelancing. During that period, I had honed my writing skills, tailoring it to meet the needs of the web industry. I wrote several articles and content for websites. It occurred to me in 2015 that I can restart my journey as a Resume Writer. I propagated the news about my entry into resume writing and to begin with, did a few projects for friends within my circle. Then to attract clients, I listed my services on Justdial as Resume Writer Chennai. Even today, you can find the listing available on the JD site if you are searching for Resume Writer in Chennai, with clients who have been happy to share their reviews about my services.

At the moment the team is expanded and accommodates writers with a combined experience of writing more than 5000 resumes. We are confident in rewriting profiles from Freshers to Executive level professionals with relative ease. We also double up as Customer Service Executives, meaning we are the ones who talk to the client, to understand their profiles. We are more than happy to work with job seekers to build their resume online and make it appealing to recruiters.

Of late, we understood that LinkedIn plays a crucial role in job search, and hence we started offering, LinkedIn profile rewriting services, serving clients as their LinkedIn’s profile branding strategist.

The rationale behind the domain name!
A lot of people had personally questioned my logic behind using the name “free sample resume” in the domain name. Well, to me frankly it served two purposes – job seekers who don’t know that their exists a service to rewrite their resume would normally key in words such as “how to write a resume”, “resume writing help”, “resume models”, “resume templates for freshers”, “free resume samples for freshers” online.

Typically these results on google search would land them on websites that collect, collate & display sample resumes alone. My idea was that a person who comes to our site, should have the option of using the free resume samples, and if interested avail our expert resume writing services.

The other reason is that I wanted to help those job seekers, who do not have the financial ability to hire a professional resume writer to prepare their resumes, use the templates/models and make it for themselves.

With pride, I can claim that we are experts in rewriting your resumes, but remember a resume is your marketing document, and with extensive research, you can always create a resume of your own, with no/minimum external help.

That being said, we are always there to help job seekers create a job-winning resume and land on their dream job.