Resume Model of an Automotive Design Engineer

Below is the resume model of an Automotive Design Engineer. 

Resume Model of Automotive Design Engineer

You can download the resume template of Automotive Design Engineer here. 





Highly enthusiastic, keen to innovate and willing to accept new challenges in automotive design engineering with an ability to work with all departments such as manufacturing, marketing, research, quality assurance/control, software, safety and environmental, engineering, etc.  Possessing 14 years experience in conceptualizing, testing and innovate new competitive designs in the market and having good presentation, coordination, and communication skills, seeks to work as a senior design engineer for a renowned automotive industry



·        Extensive knowledge of materials and  automotive design engineering principles

·        Familiar with AutoCAD, PRO-E, and simulated models of the conceptualized designs,  methods and applications of CAD tools and methodologies

·        Well-versed mechanical,  electro-mechanical systems and their applications

·        Competent in new designs and development of motors, hydraulics, chassis, mechanical and related electromechanical components

·        Excel in fluid mechanics and engineering dynamics with an ability to build, modify and test vehicles and components by using computerized work aids

·        Well-acquainted with the requirements of the automobile industry, safety and environmental regulations pertaining to automotive design engineering

·        Thorough with the licensing procedures of designing, patenting, mechanics of automobile, design engineering tools and related software

·        Comprehensive knowledge of sketching, engineering drawings with automotive model development from component drawings

·        Excellent working knowledge of  MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet applications



·        Design & Development

·        Process Planning

·        Project Execution

·        Non-destructive Testing

·        Modelling & Drafting

·        CAD Tools & Methodologies

·        Manufacturing Operations

·        Team Management

·        Inspection Planning

·        Automotive QA & QC

·        Analytical & Problem- Solving




·        Master of Science in Industrial Design

·        Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering



Apr 2013-Present

Senior Design Engineer

Automotive Industry Name

·        Responsible for designing new designs/models and reported to the Chief Engineer

·        Responsible for development of specifications with respect to mileage, speed, durability, cost and other features of the interior and exterior parts

·        Handling a team of engineers and troubleshoot issues, give and take suggestions, organizing checks and experiment with designs

·        Managing CAD to materialize the concepts pertaining to design and coordinate with the manufacturing head, explain the structuring of the design, dies, and other parts needed

·        Preparing and presenting the designs to the seniors, working to get the design approval and coordinating with management for getting patents, environment regulations clearance, etc.

·        Supporting product and design development to bring in innovation and improvisation and building and testing prototypes to assess performance, safety, strengths and weaknesses

·        Assisting development of parts and schematics by using computer-aided design software

·        Handling reliability, safety and environmental issues associated with the design


Jan 2008-Mar 2013

Associate Design Engineer

Automotive Industry Name

·        Assisted the Sr. Design Engineer in conceptualizing,  integrating and designing new parts and designing

·        Supported the new software incorporation and preparation of modeling and simulation techniques

·        Assisted in simulating design, development procedures, calculations and CAD applications/methodologies

·        Prepared and managed presentations to explain the concept and design to the seniors

·        Handled the requirements and specifications put forth by the client or manufacturing heads

·        Checked the safety and environmental regulations that would interfere with the design, evaluation as well as innovations of  the design project

·        Organized and conducted tests of new and existing vehicles and parts

·        Accompanied the seniors in the presentations, performed research and assisted in sourcing vehicle components

·        Cooperated with sales and marketing team in order to create brochures and promotional materials

·        Assessed project requirements and created ergonomic designs, giving priority to consumers’ tastes

·        Collaborated with purchase team in negotiating materials price

·        Worked on computer modeling software and developed / designed several models


Sep 2003-Dec 2007

Junior Test Engineer

Automotive Industry Name

·        Cooperated in assigning and preparing drawings and  for interior and/or exterior parts of the vehicle

·        Assisted in developing plans and specifications for piping systems and base plate welding parts

·        Managed and supported CAD designing staffs in preparation of engine and steering coat layouts

·        Responsible for installing automotive parts and perform periodic checks to ensure proper functionality of the components

·        Played an instrumental role in the creation and design of structural, architectural and mechanical drawings of automotive components

·        Instrumental in testing of vehicle systems to ensure the actual function of vehicle parts

·        Ensured design parts and systems conform to specifications  and budgeted quality



Date of Birth

Marital Status