Free Sample Resume of an Executive Assitant/Secretary

Free Sample Resume of an Executive Assistant or Secretary. You can download the free resume template here


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Executive Assistant – Secretarial


A multi-tasking person with the ability to handle pressure in a dynamic environment with a motive of being more and more productive. 


Profile & Value


  • A person who believes in the 20-80 principle and works on the tasks with priority.
  • Able to distinguish tasks according to time, necessity and cost-effectiveness.
  • A constant learner having a thirst to learn new things and update with new technologies.
  • Capable of identifying the lucrative aspects of the business and works on challenges.
  • Maintains confidential aspects of the reporting person.
  • Understands and acts according to deadlines.


Qualification and Expertise





Time Management






Education & Credential



ABC School of Management – B. A (Hons), 2014.



DFG School of Higher Secondary, Gurgaon.


Professional Development

  • Have completed a Secretarial course in Steno – House, Gurgaon
  • Have completed Higher Grade Short-hand and Typewriting in both English and Hindi


Career Progression


2016 – 2017  Dexterity Private Ltd


  • Assisting the Managing Director in his day to day official activities
  • Acting as a bridge between the lower management and the director in official correspondence.
  • Effectively organizing meeting and schedules.
  • Scheduling the appointments based on time and importance.
  • Documentation of the minutes of the meetings and circulating to different departments.
  • Arranging for conference calls for the Director with foreign clients.
  • Tracking the expense statements of the Director and forwarding the related bills to the Accounts Department.
  • Transferring the incoming calls and refining the calls.
  • Acting as a checkpoint towards people who ask for appointments to meet the director.


2015 – 2016 Excel wings Pvt Ltd


  • Maintaining the calendar of the chairman and managing his official and personal contacts through MS-Outlook.
  • Preparation of itinerary of the chairman for his abroad visits.
  • Booking flight tickets and hotel bookings for the chairman for his domestic and international travel.
  • Handling the credit and debit cards of the chairman and handling his banking statements.
  • Handling the Chairman’s payments related to telephone bills, Internet bills, food bills for official visits.


2014 – 2015 Car Carriers Pvt Ltd


  • Projecting the availability of the Proprietor and handling activities in his absence.
  • Dealing pressure in complex situations and acting with presence of mind.
  • Taking prior concurrence of the Proprietor to make accounts related decisions in order to enhance the TAT without waiting for the intervention of the proprietor.
  • Handling the tasks by sub categories to reduce the ambiguity of the process.
  • Taking dictations by short hand and drafting the mails on behalf of the proprietor sealing his digital signature.


Additional Information


Marital Status : Married

DOB : 29th April 1993

Nationality : Indian

Languages : Hindi, English, French, Gujarati.