Resume Sample – SEO Manager or SEO Specialist

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A well-organized, highly creative Marketing Manager having 13 years experience in SEO campaigns, brainstorming with keywords list and performing website specific keyword research to beat competitors. Able to implement SEO and social media strategies for clients and keep abreast of latest Google updates, search marketing technologies, digital trends, marketing advancements, etc. I am currently exploring a senior level position in a renowned organization leveraging my expertise and knowledge in the field of SEO campaigns



·        Demonstrated acumen in planning and organizing online as well as off-line events for brand promotion strategies for client’s business

·        Experience in handling clients for overall digital marketing strategies involving SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Management, Landing-Page Optimization, Link-Building and so on

·        A solid grasp of how blogging, press releases, social media, and related strategies go hand-in-hand with SEO

·        Sound knowledge to devise web-marketing strategies that have elevated brands from relative obscurity, generated leads/revenue and increased profits in competitive markets

·        Adept at developing content initiatives to launch blogs, video content and social media profiles in order to generate thought leadership and significant inbound marketing results

·        Able to analyze keywords related to client’s website through keywords research tool and conduct competitor analysis to identify improvements as well as increase visibility and rankings

·        Profound knowledge in the continued success of Pay Per Click (PPC) leads generation, delivering strong profits and Return on Investment to the business

·        Excellent proficiency in working knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keyword tools  such as Google, WordTracker, and Keyword Discovery, HTML/CSS and website administrations

·        Experience working with CMS and building/administering content in CMS environments, Google and Bing’s services, including Analytics and Webmaster Tools, link building and viral strategies, and back-end SEO elements such as htaccess, robots.txt, metadata, and site speed optimization



·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Social Media/Community Management

·        PPC Advertising

·        Competitive Analysis

·        Keyword Search

·        Digital Marketing

·        Content Strategy and Design

·        Internet Brand Marketing

·        Digital Communications

·        Google AdWords

·        Google Analytics

·        WebMaster Tools




·        Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

·        GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) Certified



Apr 2014-Present

Marketing Manager-SEO

Organization Name

·        Played a key role in planning and devising on-page optimization strategies as per website requirements

·        Strategizing and implementing content copies involving articles and press releases

·        Spearheaded SEO analysis and maintaining SEO guidelines and integrity on each customer website

·        Coordinating marketing partners to develop link building programs for clients, comprehensive metrics and generating web traffic reports based on those metrics, and implement SEO strategies

·        Formulating marketing strategies for Facebook page optimization in order to increase brand visibility and improve online brand positioning of the business

·        Working on lead generation through LinkedIn Group Creation, PPC, etc., and managing the development and optimization of landing pages for PPC and E-Mail Marketing

·        Conducting regular pre-launch market research and gathering data about various countries, products, and industries related to the niche

·        Pioneered in handling Google Analytics for goal set-up, funnels, report generation, website study, visitor analysis, social media tracking, Adwords tracking and various other tools

·        Performing backlinking analysis, recommending new strategies, and keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities

·        Working with developers to create a more user-friendly website and all the aspects of on and off page optimization for all the webpages on the website


Apr 2009-Mar 2014

Asst Marketing Manager-SEO

Organization Name

·        Executed general and keyword specific strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals

·        Implemented link building campaigns in coordination with client SEO goals and assisted in the development and execution of communication/content strategies via social communities in coordination with SEO goals

·        Managed search engine programs such as XML Sitemaps, shopping feeds and webmaster tools for diagnostic reporting on client projects, and social media tools in support of the clients’ social media strategy

·        Handled Google analytics and Google WebMaster tools to create reports, analyze, index them and report on time

·        Evaluated search results and search performance across the major search channels

·        Informed team and management of project development, timelines, and results regularly

·        Worked closely with the other team members to meet client goals and recommended strategies which might help increase the quality of the website

·        Managed multiple teams to keep a tab on content creation, programming, and marketing


Jan 2005-Mar 2009

Executive-Digital Marketing

Organization Name

·        Assisted in overseeing social media strategy and digital marketing campaigns

·        Coordinated to research new trends in digital marketing, evaluation of new technologies

·        Worked on product launches, networking events and printed material to supplement online products

·        Cooperated with seniors to track and analyze website traffic flow and digital marketing campaigns across all channels with strong working knowledge of Email, PPC, SEO, Content, Social and Affiliates

·        Created a unique on-site and off-site SEO strategy and improved overall PPC strategy for each and every client

·        Handled and knowledgeable with latest Google Adwords, Google algorithms, and Google Analytics

·        Assisted graphic designers to create B2C and B2B email templates for each client

·        Provided regular internal reports to the seniors/management



Date of Birth

Marital Status



Free Sample Resume of an Executive Assitant/Secretary

Free Sample Resume of an Executive Assistant or Secretary. You can download the free resume template here


Mobile : xxxxxxxxxxx

Email : [email protected]

Address : No., xyz street, xyz paradise, abc – 123.


Executive Assistant – Secretarial


A multi-tasking person with the ability to handle pressure in a dynamic environment with a motive of being more and more productive. 


Profile & Value


  • A person who believes in the 20-80 principle and works on the tasks with priority.
  • Able to distinguish tasks according to time, necessity and cost-effectiveness.
  • A constant learner having a thirst to learn new things and update with new technologies.
  • Capable of identifying the lucrative aspects of the business and works on challenges.
  • Maintains confidential aspects of the reporting person.
  • Understands and acts according to deadlines.


Qualification and Expertise





Time Management






Education & Credential



ABC School of Management – B. A (Hons), 2014.



DFG School of Higher Secondary, Gurgaon.


Professional Development

  • Have completed a Secretarial course in Steno – House, Gurgaon
  • Have completed Higher Grade Short-hand and Typewriting in both English and Hindi


Career Progression


2016 – 2017  Dexterity Private Ltd


  • Assisting the Managing Director in his day to day official activities
  • Acting as a bridge between the lower management and the director in official correspondence.
  • Effectively organizing meeting and schedules.
  • Scheduling the appointments based on time and importance.
  • Documentation of the minutes of the meetings and circulating to different departments.
  • Arranging for conference calls for the Director with foreign clients.
  • Tracking the expense statements of the Director and forwarding the related bills to the Accounts Department.
  • Transferring the incoming calls and refining the calls.
  • Acting as a checkpoint towards people who ask for appointments to meet the director.


2015 – 2016 Excel wings Pvt Ltd


  • Maintaining the calendar of the chairman and managing his official and personal contacts through MS-Outlook.
  • Preparation of itinerary of the chairman for his abroad visits.
  • Booking flight tickets and hotel bookings for the chairman for his domestic and international travel.
  • Handling the credit and debit cards of the chairman and handling his banking statements.
  • Handling the Chairman’s payments related to telephone bills, Internet bills, food bills for official visits.


2014 – 2015 Car Carriers Pvt Ltd


  • Projecting the availability of the Proprietor and handling activities in his absence.
  • Dealing pressure in complex situations and acting with presence of mind.
  • Taking prior concurrence of the Proprietor to make accounts related decisions in order to enhance the TAT without waiting for the intervention of the proprietor.
  • Handling the tasks by sub categories to reduce the ambiguity of the process.
  • Taking dictations by short hand and drafting the mails on behalf of the proprietor sealing his digital signature.


Additional Information


Marital Status : Married

DOB : 29th April 1993

Nationality : Indian

Languages : Hindi, English, French, Gujarati.

Resume Template of a Bank Branch Manager

Resume Template of a Bank’s Branch Manager. You can download the template here. 





Observant Bank Branch Manager with outstanding knowledge of banking management having ten years of experience in client management and strategic planning. Specialize in cultivating and maintaining key relationships and  achieving production goals, seeking  a position as a bank manager to direct the office operation of the branch



·        Strongly familiar with state and other banking regulations 

·        Profound ability to generate new businesses by interacting and negotiating with new and existing customers 

·        Solid knowledge of safe and effective cash deposit tracking, credit and financing policies and procedures 

·        Excel in advocating and marketing branch’s products as per the needs of customers

·        Able to plan, develop and execute business strategies and analyzing growth and risk factors

·        Proficient in latest banking software, and also excel in setting, monitoring and achieving sales targets

·        Experience in coaching and development of branch staffs by giving constructive feedback and eyeing  interest in their career growth



·        Operational Excellence

·        Negotiation & Business Development

·        Small Business Loan & Cash Management

·        Revenue generation & Customer development

·        Regulatory compliance

·        Accuracy & Diligence

·        Financial Expertise & Record Transactions

·        Core-banking software

·        Leadership & Problem Solving  

·        Staff Development & Training




·        Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting

·        Diploma in Corporate Banking



Apr 2012-Present

Branch Manager

Bank Name

·        Responsible for budget compliance, meeting financial goals,  sales assessments, profitability and staffing issues and preparation of reports regularly to corporate

·        Successfully handles customer complaints and solving their issues before they escalate

·        Utilizing a consultative sales approach to set customer goals and create solutions that cultivated strong relationships with customers

·        Cooperating with corporate for full cycle recruitment of staffs and training them according to banking procedures and following compliance

·        Setting and achieving sales targets by adopting innovative sales management techniques and maintaining daily operational records of the branch such as cash transactions, loans and interests

·        Developed new business opportunities for the bank by assisting loan officers in structuring loan packages

·        Monitoring latest government rules and regulations in order to keep all policies in order


June 2007-Mar 2012

Assistant Branch Manager

Bank Name

·        Developed and managed good business relationship with all types of clients

·        Established business targets and designed new strategies to achieve them on time

·        Cooperated with branch manager and corporate for hiring, training new staffs and mentored them to understand their work and quality standards

·        Investigated and enabled new potential revenue-generating techniques and client-building opportunities

·        Recorded and verified informations on loan applications prior to making any decision for approval

·        Actively participated in branch functions and community activities to promote bank’s growth as well as image of the bank

·        Analyzed and communicated new and existing market trends to corporate

·        Helped employees to ensure sales goals were met and the delivery of services was accurate and developed and maintained loan tracking/ monitoring system and fileroom



Date of Birth

Marital Status



Resume Model of an Automotive Design Engineer

Below is the resume model of an Automotive Design Engineer. 

Resume Model of Automotive Design Engineer

You can download the resume template of Automotive Design Engineer here. 





Highly enthusiastic, keen to innovate and willing to accept new challenges in automotive design engineering with an ability to work with all departments such as manufacturing, marketing, research, quality assurance/control, software, safety and environmental, engineering, etc.  Possessing 14 years experience in conceptualizing, testing and innovate new competitive designs in the market and having good presentation, coordination, and communication skills, seeks to work as a senior design engineer for a renowned automotive industry



·        Extensive knowledge of materials and  automotive design engineering principles

·        Familiar with AutoCAD, PRO-E, and simulated models of the conceptualized designs,  methods and applications of CAD tools and methodologies

·        Well-versed mechanical,  electro-mechanical systems and their applications

·        Competent in new designs and development of motors, hydraulics, chassis, mechanical and related electromechanical components

·        Excel in fluid mechanics and engineering dynamics with an ability to build, modify and test vehicles and components by using computerized work aids

·        Well-acquainted with the requirements of the automobile industry, safety and environmental regulations pertaining to automotive design engineering

·        Thorough with the licensing procedures of designing, patenting, mechanics of automobile, design engineering tools and related software

·        Comprehensive knowledge of sketching, engineering drawings with automotive model development from component drawings

·        Excellent working knowledge of  MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet applications



·        Design & Development

·        Process Planning

·        Project Execution

·        Non-destructive Testing

·        Modelling & Drafting

·        CAD Tools & Methodologies

·        Manufacturing Operations

·        Team Management

·        Inspection Planning

·        Automotive QA & QC

·        Analytical & Problem- Solving




·        Master of Science in Industrial Design

·        Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering



Apr 2013-Present

Senior Design Engineer

Automotive Industry Name

·        Responsible for designing new designs/models and reported to the Chief Engineer

·        Responsible for development of specifications with respect to mileage, speed, durability, cost and other features of the interior and exterior parts

·        Handling a team of engineers and troubleshoot issues, give and take suggestions, organizing checks and experiment with designs

·        Managing CAD to materialize the concepts pertaining to design and coordinate with the manufacturing head, explain the structuring of the design, dies, and other parts needed

·        Preparing and presenting the designs to the seniors, working to get the design approval and coordinating with management for getting patents, environment regulations clearance, etc.

·        Supporting product and design development to bring in innovation and improvisation and building and testing prototypes to assess performance, safety, strengths and weaknesses

·        Assisting development of parts and schematics by using computer-aided design software

·        Handling reliability, safety and environmental issues associated with the design


Jan 2008-Mar 2013

Associate Design Engineer

Automotive Industry Name

·        Assisted the Sr. Design Engineer in conceptualizing,  integrating and designing new parts and designing

·        Supported the new software incorporation and preparation of modeling and simulation techniques

·        Assisted in simulating design, development procedures, calculations and CAD applications/methodologies

·        Prepared and managed presentations to explain the concept and design to the seniors

·        Handled the requirements and specifications put forth by the client or manufacturing heads

·        Checked the safety and environmental regulations that would interfere with the design, evaluation as well as innovations of  the design project

·        Organized and conducted tests of new and existing vehicles and parts

·        Accompanied the seniors in the presentations, performed research and assisted in sourcing vehicle components

·        Cooperated with sales and marketing team in order to create brochures and promotional materials

·        Assessed project requirements and created ergonomic designs, giving priority to consumers’ tastes

·        Collaborated with purchase team in negotiating materials price

·        Worked on computer modeling software and developed / designed several models


Sep 2003-Dec 2007

Junior Test Engineer

Automotive Industry Name

·        Cooperated in assigning and preparing drawings and  for interior and/or exterior parts of the vehicle

·        Assisted in developing plans and specifications for piping systems and base plate welding parts

·        Managed and supported CAD designing staffs in preparation of engine and steering coat layouts

·        Responsible for installing automotive parts and perform periodic checks to ensure proper functionality of the components

·        Played an instrumental role in the creation and design of structural, architectural and mechanical drawings of automotive components

·        Instrumental in testing of vehicle systems to ensure the actual function of vehicle parts

·        Ensured design parts and systems conform to specifications  and budgeted quality



Date of Birth

Marital Status




Resume/CV Sample of a Accounting Professional

Below is the sample resume of an Accounting Professional with 5 years of experience. 

You can download the template here


Mobile : xxxxxxxxxxx

Email : [email protected]

Address : No., xyz street, xyz paradise, abc – 123.


Accounts Professional – Debtor Management – Cash Inflow Optimization


A keen professional having insight to increase the productivity of an organization and seal the loss loop holes of the company policies.


Profile and Value

  • A person having rich expertise in cost reduction and cash inflow and outflow.
  • Experienced in projection of high value trades by tracking and monitoring the previous financial years’ datas.
  • Generating reports of accounts receivables and maintaining the balance sheet in a very effective way to avoid zero overdraft circumstances.
  • Identifying areas where the accounts process can be optimized and suggesting relevant softwares for speedy process.


Qualification and Expertise

Accounting Management

Managing bills and receivables

Balance sheet Management

Credit and Debit Reports

Expense Statement Preparation

Budget Allocation



Education & Credential



ABC School of Management – M.Com, 2012



DFG School of Higher Secondary, Mumbai.


Professional Development

  • Have completed a course in Tally and GST from Learn dots, Mumbai.
  • Have completed a course in Advanced Excel, Macros and VBA from NIIT.

Career Progression

2014 – 2017 Ambit Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  • Implemented progressive techniques in the reconciliation of financial statements
  • Documented the previous years/current year financial statement in a chronological order.
  • Simplified the follow up of Debtor list by inculcating an effective methodology.
  • Identified the sloppy areas of process flow and rectified the reasons for it.
  • Projected the financial areas of improvement for the current and subsequent years through presentations and reports.
  • Filing of bills and receipts in a neat manner to ease the audit scenarios.
  • Played a key role in GST implementation and identified the areas of Corporate Tax Rebate.
  • Issuing salary cheques for non-payroll staff.

2012 – 2014 Prince Technology Solutions

  • Deployed a software which automatically calculates the accounts receivables with reminders to the vendors through mail merging.
  • Allocation of budget for the areas where there was need for business improvement and incurring the expenditure from prsopectful resources.
  • Balance sheet maintenance and preparing monthly statements to reduce the costs which could be avoided in the subsequent months.
  • Handled payroll of around 200 staff.
  • Managed payments of reimbursement claims for transportation, accommodation and food expense bills of staff.
  • Filing of purchase orders and payment receipts.

 Additional Information


Marital Status : Single

DOB : 29th April 1991

Nationality : Indian

Languages : Hindi, English, Spanish.