9 examples of well written career objective for Mechanical Engineering freshers

9 sample career objectives for Mechanical Freshers

Hello, Everybody! What you are about to read is my first article on this website, and I am totally excited about sharing my knowledge, and experience with you. Without grabbing much of your time, let us dive and peruse the topic.


I have been a professional resume writer since 2007, and have written more than 3000 resumes, so take my word; writing a resume is a simple task. Seriously! You may ask, but allow me to clarify. The tricky part is to create a resume that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of a recruiter. Any document, for that matter, merits a reading only if its opening is exciting. The opening must arouse curiosity amongst its readers.


The career objective is the preamble of your resume!

A well-written career objective instigates the reader to peruse the content further. Unfortunately, job seekers do not understand the consequence of a poorly written career objective and stick to the age old templates of our seniors and peers.


Why and how should you change this approach?

As the article is about writing career objectives for Mechanical Engineers, I am going to showcase below an example of a career objective written by one of my client who happens to a Mechanical Engineering entry level professional.

“Aiming to build within the organisation a vibrant and stimulating environment, where the application of my skills and development of company goes hand in hand.”

I was confident that he had copied this content from someone else’s resume. I confronted him, with a simple question – The career objective makes no mention of your field of study or the field of work you are targeting? To my honest surprise, he was blinking.

I then explained to him that a good career objective must briefly answer the following questions.

  • Who you are?
  • Your relevant skill set
  • What are you aiming at?
  • Mentioning the industry if necessary

I also recommend to potential job seekers to change the title of this subheading from Career Objective to Personal Statement which makes more sense.

The below table consists of a compiled list of career objectives suiting Mechanical Engineering graduates. 

[table id=1 /]



The above list is neither comprehensive nor would fit your profile entirely. The emphasis is to create customised content for your career objective rather than simply copy-pasting the boilerplate of your friends or peers.


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9 examples of well written career objective for Mechanical Engineering freshers
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9 examples of well written career objective for Mechanical Engineering freshers
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