7 Job Hunting Methods for Freshers | Version 2017

7 Job Hunting Methods for Freshers

When I completed my Mechanical Engineering in 2007, people used to say, “If you do not get a job through on-campus placement, take a few copies of your resume and circulate them to companies in Ambattur, Chennai”. As foolish, it may sound, I did exactly that and received more than few offers, but from industries located in Gummidipoondi and Oragadam. The fact that I had worked in Sales is a different story.

Ten years later, my job hunting methods seem to be outdated. The rules of Job hunting have changed in the past decade for good and bad. Some of you might have reservations on what I am about to say, but my methods though unorthodox would still prove effective in finding the right job for you.

7 Off Campus Job Hunting Methods for Freshers

Job Portals

It is beyond doubt that Job Portals such as Naukri.com, Monster.com is dominating the job search market. The convenience of sitting on a couch and searching for jobs through the internet makes it fascinating for youngsters. The most significant benefit of using a Job Portal is that you can reach a wider group of recruiters at a click of a button. Job portals have a “freemium” business model. You can access certain features for free and premium features at a cost.


Most entry level professionals fail to grasp the power of LinkedIn for Job Search. It is very rare to find a fresher without a Facebook profile, but the importance of LinkedIn is underrated. Create a profile for yourself in LinkedIn and make the most of its Job Search option. Check out these links to create a killer LinkedIn profile.
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Cold Email

Sending a cold email to potential recruiters is an outdated and a less efficient method. Having said that, we must not overlook this avenue of job hunting. Some companies prefer to receive job applications through email. What you need is a good resume and a convincing covering letter that would enthral its reader. Seek our professional resume writing services to uplift your profile.

Submitting resume through Career Pages

Some companies advertise job positions through their business’s website. To apply through this mode is a time-consuming process. At the onset, you need to search in Google for potential recruiters, browse their websites, find job openings, tailor your resume and upload your CV on their career page. The process may sound confusing, but do not forget the tools required are just a computer with a good internet connection and your time. As a byproduct, you would become well versed with companies in the domains you are targeting.

Direct Submission

Sometimes the best way to submit your resume is to present a hard copy in person. I did that, and I have explained the results in the opening paragraph of this blog. Depending upon your industry, make a list of companies matching your interest and submit your resume in person. Though a laborious and a painstaking job hunting method, it would prove fruitful.

Alumni Networking

Every college is bound to have a alumni network. You would have been in touch with them unconsciously through various social media channels, and yet you are not tapping this potential job hunting method. Make friends with your seniors, and leverage their existing positions to find yourself a job opportunity.


A job for a fresher is a process of “learning” and “earning”. It is unfortunate that most entry level professionals forget the “learning” part. Their focus is purely on earnings and perks. Some companies offer an apprenticeship to professionals who wish to hone their employability skills. If you are looking to learn before earn, then try being an apprentice for a short period. Leverage the confidence you gain in your apprenticeship and scout for opportunities later.

I would conclude that the above list is not exhaustive. If you have tried and succeeded using any of the above job hunting methods or a different one, please do share with me in the comments section below.