5 hanpicked and unconventional courses for +2 failed students

The month of May, in Chennai is famous for many reasons – soaring heat (Agni Natchathiram), complete occupation of Marina beach in the evening, shopping at T Nagar, kids enjoying their holidays and of course fresh juice outlets minting money when the sun is shining. Of all these instances, May is also famous for raising the anxiety limits of a set of people who are eagerly waiting a result that is going to change the course of their lives. I am confident you would have guessed it. Yes, I am talking about the +2 kids who are expecting their results in the month of May 2017.
When I had completed my +2 (in 2003), we had an entrance examination for professional courses known as TNPCEE – Tamil Nadu Professional Courses Entrance Examination. Not many of this generation know that such a process existed. Many people including me, have lost admission in prestigious institutions by margins as tiny as 1/10th of a decimal. The process of normalizing the marks obtained in +2 exams against the ones received in the entrance examination, applications, waiting before the Anna University counseling used to add a lot of stress. To hell with this stress! my batchmates would say there is a lot more waiting when one tries to complete his engineering arrears and search for a job.

Have you ever wondered about the fate of those who did not clear +2 exams? 

What we, (I mean the “we” who were lucky to pass their +2, come out of engineering without any arrears, fortunate to get a job or become an entrepreneur like me) forget to consider, is the plight of those who have never been able to cross the barricade of +2 exams. Yes, I am talking about the fate of those who were unable to pass their +2 exams and are socially ignored by this society. Unfortunately, they live a life which is hell on earth. Either they are sympathized too much or viewed with contempt. Suicide helplines would have to work overtime in preventing these people from ending their lives.
During the years of my completion, there were not many options for +2 dropouts. They have to come out of their shell, complete their higher secondary exams, and then opt for a college. I have heard stories of remarkable men and women who had broken the shackles of their failures to become what they are today.
2017 offers an entirely different scenario. A guy/girl who had failed in +2 has more study options to choose from than what used to exist a decade ago.
In this blog post, I am trying to list 5 of such courses that a student can pursue without a Higher Secondary Certificate. These courses are not exhaustive, and I do not want you to ditch the idea of attempting +2 and going to college.
I want the following list to serve as a guide, along with an emphasis that “all is not lost.”


Digital Photography a study option for +2 failed students

With the advent of digital photography, the number of professionals pursuing a career in photography has increased exponentially. It is easy to acquire the skills of wielding a digital camera and employing them to make a fortune. The bonus is that learning photography and getting a job in the discipline does not require a basic qualification. What it needs though is your passion, creativity and the quest to learn and explore

Graphic Design
graphic design a study option for +2 failed students

Just like learning photography, graphic design does not require any academic skills. All it needs is the right amount of creativity and strong knowledge of tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. If you are willing to check the job potential of graphic design, go to naukri’s website and search for graphic design jobs. Yes, I said “meme jobs”, and you would be amazed to see that meme maker are in so much demand these days which prompted The Hindu to publish an article titled Wanted Engineers, Meme style

Web Design
web design a study option for +2 failed students

Learning web design requires some analytical skills. Unlike learning hardcore programming languages such as Java, learning web languages such as HTML, CSS and jQuery are more of fun. Some companies are willing to pay a good amount of salary to hire web designers, and someday you are going to thank me for suggesting this option.

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO a study option for +2 failed students

You regularly use Google to search for information; you had used some keywords to land on this page. Frankly, this did not happen by luck. It happened through a systematic process known as Search Engine Optimisation. To learn Search Engine optimization, you must know to write in good English and must be an out of box thinker; the bright side though is learning SEO and pursuing a career does not require any basic degree.


Gaming, Animation a study option for +2 failed students

Do you love animated videos/gaming? Then I am sure that the process of creating them is not only satisfying but also pays you a lot of money. Learning the tools are quite fun, although creating games involves some amount of coding. But in the end, you make more money than a developer working for companies such as CTS or TCS.

I am eager to know your views on the above list.

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