15 reasons to choose Digital Marketing as a Career Option


15 reasons to choose Digital Marketing as a Career Option

Have you ever wondered why some people are so successful with the most basic ideas and education while some others struggle on a daily basis to meet their daily errands despite being technically strong and having a solid degree in their hands?

Right time, right thing and the right place. It clicks and creates wonders. When supply meets the requirements, it creates success, if maintained it can even create monopolies, and you can rule the market.

One such right choice to make now if you are a fresher/job seeker is choosing Digital Marketing as your career. With the world being technologically connected where the territorial boundaries are being dwindled, e-commerce is seeing one of its golden eras.

Going by the meaning of the word, we get a fair bit of understanding that Digital Marketing has got something to do with the promotion of brands online. Now let us have a quick look at ways it is currently being done: 

Content Marketing – a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in products or services.

-Online retail sites

Sale of products through a virtual retail outlet, typically an e-commerce store.

-Mobile marketing

-Social media marketing

Marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

-E-mail marketing

-Search engine optimization

The ad will appear as a search result in itself a solution provided by the browser to the related search of the customer.

-Web design

Designing websites that offer a one-stop shop for promoting all the products and services online.

A fertile land gives a better crop with the same seeds. A booming field will give you better perks with the same efforts. Considering time and human intellect as a resource, Digital Marketing is one of the best career investments you can make right now. Here are the reasons why:


Of the top 10 companies with the highest current net worth, the operating activities of 6 amongst them (Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) are based on digital media. The current demand for the digital jobs predicted by 2020 is 20 million where the supply is nowhere near. 

2.Demand-supply gap

A simple economic principle states, the higher the demand a scarcer the commodity, and higher is the price. Once qualified you would become one amongst the very few professionals who would have chosen this field. The companies have a very limited say to have an alternative choice. So, the placement is rest assured.

3.Growth rate

As mentioned earlier, top performing companies are highly dependent on digital media professionals, like social marketing analysts to analyze the patterns and provide them with their observations, to alter the operational strategy. With the total world’s population being 7.6 billion and at least 2 billion being virtually connected through online media, the need for digital marketing is definitely on an increasing trend at an exponential pace.

4.Demographics of the Indian economy

Talking about a career in India more specifically, India is one of the youngest countries with a majority of its population in their teens and twenties. Considering this fact, the demand for the consumable goods and online services is very high on the contrary to traditional investment portfolios like real estate. So, many global companies are tapping this potential of the Indian market and investing here. Hence, you can enjoy the privilege of working in the best of the best companies that come down to your own backyard.

5.Competitive pay scale

When there is too much competition, the companies fight to get the best resources and are generally short of resources, leaving them no choice as there are competitors willing to hire you at a better price. You can be paid very well and at a highly competitive rate.

6.Scope of creativity

Unlike traditional career options like banking and engineering, there is a high need of your creative juices on a day in and day out basis. There would be your definitive fingerprint out there on everything you do, and your service is so unique and irreplaceable as it is designed entirely by you.

7.Work etiquette and environment

Many employers are placing a lot of emphasis on how well the product is delivered rather than on how it is delivered. Meaning, as long as you are meeting their expectations here, no one would really bother on how many hours you are spending time visibly doing the task in office.

8.The necessity of a formal degree

There is a pre-conceived notion that people from reputed colleges alone are competent enough. This mental block is imprinted in the minds of an employer when it comes to traditional banking and engineering jobs. In the space of Digital Marketing, it is your personal potential and creativity alone that matters. A formal degree is not the driving force for your betterment in your career here.

9.Cost or an investment in the firm?

An engineer in a finance company only assists and do not drive the productivity. Similarly, a finance professional in a manufacturing industry only supports and do not drive the productivity. They are ancillary and do not directly contribute to the revenue of the firm. To juxtapose, a digital marketing career is always on the productivity driving side as you are the one who would advise the company, on how to make their further moves and communicate their existing profile to the general public (through blogs, etc.)

Companies naturally want to reward you as they want to keep you motivated to fuel their growth prospects high.

10.Addition to your income and profile

Already a professional wanting to try your hand in your passion? Want to add a new source of income? Your right choice is digital media marketing. Right from offering flexible working hours to the lack of need to mandatorily do a formal degree, it is a right choice for your quest.

11.Interaction with the dynamics of the world – experience counted!

When you are in the marketing field, it requires you to keep abreast of a lot of market changes like – new companies incorporated, booms and lows during a life cycle of a company and an industry, etc. Unlike a traditional process-oriented job where your experience comes to no value when you change the company, this expertise you gain here can be carried along, and it goes and grows with you. So, your experience in Digital Marketing not only gets accumulated in years but in quality of output.

12.Influence of working conditions

In a corporate scenario with the amount of human interaction on a given day, you might get influenced with the people around you, and your productivity gets influenced by them at least subconsciously. This career assures you that you can dictate terms of your working.

13.Entrepreneurship and independence

A complete business as a career option is a risk, and full employment as an option lacks independence. If you want independence and avoid risk, you can choose ways and means of various types of digital marketing and prove yourself.

14.Automation and robotics

With the advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, robots can mimic a lot of processes humans could do and even much better than them. Fortunately, Digital Marketing falls under one of those few fields which involve dynamic thinking and human common sense. Good news- there is no pressure that you would be replaced by a robot.


Digital media marketing provides you greater scope for versatility and you choose your place of stay and even the country you live in. You have a greater chance to travel abroad and visit many places than any other career option with the mere fact that majority of these companies that you intend to work for our global and you can also partly work in multiple companies at a time.

Current scenario

In the Recent Article by Indian Express”

The number of internet users across the globe is 3,567,365, 887 and counting. Even in India, fueled by internet penetration in rural areas, the number of internet users is set to see a two-fold rise standing at 730 million by 2020 against the 350 million at the end of 2015. These are just a few numbers that indicate the influence that the internet and allied forces bear on our lives today.

With increased internet usage over the last few years, the digital and social media landscape in India has witnessed a paradigm shift. About 87 percent of brands leverage digital, and 38% of them allocate a whopping 1/3rd of their budget to digital marketing. This only mirrors the fact that increasingly businesses are embracing digital to attract, engage and transact with their customers and this is being aided by increasing investments in better internet connectivity and growth in internet and social media usage.

The reason for this enthusiasm for digital marketing is simple: digital marketing is perhaps the only cost-effective and most viable method to get your message out and build a solid consumer base. It is not only great value for your money but also, the barrier to enter and scale up are minuscule compared to traditional media. In other words, you can have a significant impact on a limited budget which has leveled the playing field between big and small companies, thereby giving a great fighting chance to new talent to compete with the biggies, without fear of being trampled.


Tap the right choice now, be one of the very few in the lot. Join digital media marketing.