14 Part Time | Freelance | Work from Home | Online Job Opportunities in Chennai

14 freelance, part time, online, work from home opportunities

Why a part time or an online job is sought today?

The necessity of earning an extra income have grown these days exponentially. Cost of living, peer pressure, unforeseen expenses are compounding the need of making more than what you eventually do in a job. Hence professionals young or old hook themselves online to find a good part time job or a part time business opportunity. 

In the case of female members or retired professionals, the situation is entirely different. They have a dual benefit of earning an extra income and utilising their time fruitfully.

Finding a part-time job in the age of the internet is a cake walk. The challenging part is to aligning and disciplining yourself to suit the task at hand.

I have compiled a list of 14 Part Time / Freelance / Online / Work from home Jobs. While the list is intended for Chennai, have no doubts; this information can be utilised by a professional living anywhere in India.

I have classified the list as below. Feel free to peruse the complete article or jump to any section by clicking the respective headings.

Financial Advisors

Ideal for: Housewives, Retired Employees, Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers

Skill Level: Sales Skills

Travelling: Required

Earning Potential: Highest

Starter Kit: Your passion & good contacts. Enter any Insurance company; they would make a Financial Advisor out of you.

The technical term might look Financial Advisor, but the real hidden term is Insurance Agent. The moment someone introduces themselves as an Insurance Agent, even if he/she is a known, close acquaintance, you are petrified. We are raised in the belief that the employees/agents working in the Insurance industry are low rung professionals. The irony is that seasoned professionals, who spend less than 2 – 3 day as Insurance Agents make more than what a Middle Manager in a typical IT company would.

So, if you have the passion for earning higher by spending less time, becoming an Insurance Agent is the best option.

Freelance Trainer

Ideal for: Skilled Professionals, Male or Female, Working or Retired

Skill Level: Domain Skills, Presentation & Communication.

Travelling: Occasionally

Earning Potential: Highest

Starter Kit: A good resume, the internet, networking, presentation.

Not all companies employ a full-time learning and development team on their payroll. They prefer to outsource certain aspects of training. That’s precisely where Freelance Trainers come into the picture.

It is quite cheap for companies to hire Freelance Trainers to utilise their knowledge, expertise to train their employees. Freelance Trainers are charged on the hourly or daily basis, and they earn quite handsome.

Online Trainers

Ideal for: Women Skilled in their domain

Skill Level: Domain Knowledge, Communication and Usage of Internet Applications

Travelling: Not required

Earning Potential: Medium

Starter Kit: A computer, good internet connectivity, account, paid the account in websites like UrbanPro, JustDial, etc.

An Online Trainer differs from a Freelance trainer by the fact that they don’t have to move out of the comforts of their home. Offering training through the internet received fresh impetus after the launch of high-speed broadband and mobile connectivity across the country. Capitalising this position, companies like Urban Pro launched its portal which aggregates the information of potential online trainers.

To become an online coach, you need to be an expert in your domain, have excellent presentation skills and can commit a specific number of hours daily.

Freelance Recruiter

Ideal for: Women who had the experience of working in HR industry

Skill Level: Communication, Recruitment, Usage of Job Portals, LinkedIn

Travelling: Not Required

Earning Potential: Medium to High

Starter Kit: A good internet, dedicated mobile number, preferably paid accounts with job portals

There was a sudden boom in the numbers of HR companies across the country. One of my friends used to say that there were approximately 50k HR Consultants across Tamil Nadu offering various levels of services. Lack of consistent orders, dropping margins and operational costs have forced HR Consultants to downsize their operations.

As a result, HR Consultants constantly look out for Work from Home Recruiters who lend their time and expertise in fulfilling positions.

Although anyone who has decent communication can take up freelance recruitment opportunities, it is ideal for someone who has had experience in actual recruitment cycle.



Ideal for: Anyone with a passion for what they love

Skill Level: Writing, Web Design or WordPress

Travelling: Not Required

Earning Potential: Low to Medium

Starter Kit: A website, Facebook page and good writing abilities.

Blogging used to a be a good monetization platform, in the earliest days of its inception, not anymore. Unless or until you have passion is unique, blogging is not going to fetch you the expected income. All being said, blogging is still a popular way of communicating your ideas to the outside world. If you treat it as a passion and keep the monetization part as a by-product, you would enjoy blogging.


Tailoring Bridal Wear

Ideal for: Housewives with tailoring skills.

Skill Level: Tailoring (Must), Fashion Design(Must), Online Selling Skills (Optional)

Travelling: No

Earning Potential: Highest

Starter Kit: Your creativity, safe, private space where you can conduct measurement for prospective brides

Wannabe couples are extremely particular about certain aspects of their marriage. Their wedding dress warrants special attention. With an increase spending power, prospective brides leave no stone unturned, to make their dresses woven with sheer creativity. Of course, I am not talking about sarees here. I am referring to the Designer Blouses.Take a standard calculation. One of my client for whom I had optimised their social media assets is a Designer Blouse maker. She charges anywhere between Rs. 2000 – Rs. 10000 per blouse and undertake international shipments. She consistently makes one designer blouse a day and earns Rs. 60,000 a month a minimum.

There are numerous designer blouse tailoring institutes spread across Chennai. Hone your skills before delving into this industry.

Makeup Artist

Ideal for: Women who had completed Beautician Course

Skill Level: Makeup Artistry

Travelling: Required

Earning Potential: Highest

Starter Kit: Beauty Kit, Online Advertisement of your portfolio

About 10 years ago, none would have thought that the Makeup Artistry would be a high paying profession. A Makeup Artist preferably is a woman who had undergone a course in a variety of makeup techniques for different occasions. She is expected to be creative and skilful. These days make-up artists are in so demand, that some are booked months before the actual Muhurtham (The auspicious day of the Wedding Ceremony).

The earning potential of a makeup artist varies from person to person and depends upon their branding. It finds one of the top positions in the earning list.

Handicraft Maker

Ideal for: Anyone

Skill Level: Making Handicrafts, Online Selling

Travelling: Not Required

Earning Potential: Medium

Starter Kit: Passion in making handicrafts

Are you an expert in making arts & crafts? You would be surprised to know that you can turn your passion into a money spinning enterprise. Yes, you may not become rich, but making and selling handicrafts online is a gratifying experience.Before the advent of online sales, only a few people could find potential buyers for handmade craft products. Today internet has brought together a buyer and a craft maker in the best possible way.

Online shopping platforms like Instamojo, Shopify have made it easy to host & sell your products online. And if you are not a tech-savvy professional, always choose a consultant to support your endeavour.

Brochure/Logo Designer

Ideal for: Anyone 

Skill Level: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Travelling: May be Required

Earning Potential: Low to Medium

Starter Kit: A good computer loaded with Adobe Creative Suite

If you either have an artistic talent or passion in graphic design, then turning yourself into a brochure/logo designer is easy. Learn the trade of Adobe Design Suite, and you have already become a Graphic Designer.

The real problem in the business of graphic design to find potential customers. Customers prefer to work with established organisations or use their in-house design teams. It takes time, effort and patience to win the hearts and minds of a client. Luckily, social media is your game saver, specifically Instagram. Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers are using the power of Instagram to their advantage in propagating their skills. (Also read 17 Illustrators to follow on Instagram)


Ideal for: Anyone 

Skill Level: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro

Travelling: May be Required

Earning Potential: Medium to High

Starter Kit: A good computer loaded with Adobe Creative Suite

Animators earn in two different ways. You can make motion graphics, upload them on YouTube and monetize your content or work with creator studios and lease your job. Animators are in high demand today, as more and more companies are moving towards visual storytelling. The problem with animation is it’s learning curve. It is the complexity of the tool used in creating animation, makes it a difficult proposition.

Voice Over Artist

Ideal for: Female with a good voice and excellent speech

Skill Level: Basic

Travelling: May be Required

Earning Potential: Low to Medium

Starter Kit: Potential contacts in Media Space.

If someone compliments your voice, it is high time that you evaluate your potential as a Voice Over artist. I don’t know when or where the term originated, but the fact remains that more and more creative studios need voice over artist. Simple reason: an enormous number of videos are hosted online by professional studios.

Being a Voice Over artist will fetch you a decent pay. But the real catch is that it opens the wider doors of the media industry.

Content Writer

Ideal for: Anyone

Skill Level: Good Writing, Time Management

Travelling: No

Earning Potential: Low

Starter Kit: Ability to play with words, computer with good internet connectivity

I once worked as a content writer. I used to earn Rs. 50 per article and used the consolidated amount to buy a gift for my girlfriend (now wife!). The demand for a good piece of content has never died down. In fact, the market is moving vertically. What has come down is the pay. In today’s scenario, anyone with a computer, the internet can become a decent writer. And the amount of content generated on the web is enormous that you cannot tell the difference between a good writer and a decent writer.

Content writing is here to stay, make no mistake about that. If you are willing to settle down with a low paid and a low-risk profile, content writing during free time will suit you.

Product Photographer

Ideal for: Male Photographer

Skill Level: Advanced Photography

Travelling: Yes

Earning Potential: Medium

Starter Kit: Good DSLR, Photoshop, Portfolio Website

If you are passionate in Photography but have a full-time job, then venturing into Product Photography would earn you some quick bucks in the weekend. The e-commerce industry has paved the way for Product Photographers, and commercial establishments are scrambling to find a Product Photographer who would offer his/her services at a better rate.

I say you would be cheap because Product Photography is not your full-time job. You would enjoy doing it during the weekend or in the evening, not throughout the day. Earning potential even during the weekends are good.

You might then decide to convert this into a full-time job, but that is your perfect choice.


Ideal for: Female with a good voice and excellent communication

Skill Level: Basic

Travelling: No

Earning Potential: Low to Medium

Starter Kit: A good resume, dedicated mobile number

If you would have received a call asking you to buy an insurance product, what would be immediate inference? You don’t even think about anything; you prefer to cut the call with some conversations. Sometimes you are so angry that you slam the red button on your mobile phone as though you are hitting the person on the other end.

The poor person on the other end is termed as a Tele Caller. Traditionally companies hire them to cold call customers and pitch their products. Today, especially the day of writing this blog, things have changed. We live in the age, where if you spend Rs. 350 a month on a prepaid number, you are going to receive the option of using unlimited calls and 1GB data/day.

Leveraging these cheap mobile rates, most companies have moved their call centre set-ups to home. Companies prefer hiring homemakers or female candidates who prefer to work from home and make calls on daily basis. The problem here would be the lower amount of pay-out made to those potential tele callers.

I would say even for female candidates, this is a least preferred option, even if it’s considered as an option.


So, that’s my list, and it is a long read. I would appreciate if you can share your views and comments on the article.